ESL Exercises - Multimedia Exercises

Have students go to the website ( This is a wonderful website that teaches many useful vocabulary words (with audio). Students just scroll over the colorful image, and they'll hear the word pronounced by a native speaker. Students can also set their native language so that words pop up in their language too.

Here are a few fun activities that you can have your students do on the site:

Activity #1

Go the to the Home section and select The Kitchen. (

  1. Write three sentences that include two of the items featured on this page. For example: Mary put the cookies on the oven and set the timer
  2. Describe the various parts of the refrigerator and then describe the contents of the refrigerator.
  3. You are a cook. Select an activity from the following and discuss how you are going to make it, using the items on this page:
    1. You're going to bake a cake.
    2. You're going to make chocolate chip cookies.
    3. You're going to make vegetable soup.
    4. You're going to make a big breakfast.

Activity #2

Go to Group V11 and select The Outdoors (

  1. You are going on a camping trip overnight. You can only take three items with you. Select three items from this page and explain why you have selected each. Why are they the most important?
  2. Next to rock, there are three other words. What are they? Write sentences about each of these.
  3. Write two sentences in which you use three of the words listed on this page.

Activity #3

Go to Group V11 and select Jobs ( Select three of the people and make up names for them. Describe what they do for a living. Describe their daily responsibilities. Describe what you imagine are the best and worst parts of their jobs.

Example: Albert Jenkins is a tailor. All day he works with people's clothing - making it bigger or smaller depending on their needs. The best part of his job is working with customers. The worst part of his job is that he has to bend down a lot during the day. This is difficult for him because he has a bad back!

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